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Back To Our Roots!

That's right we have gone back to our roots, back to where it all began on the new 1.18 update!

The RabbitCraft SMP is where it all began where we started and that where we are going with the 1.18 patch from Mojang. We will be running one server to rule them all! maybe I got carried away there.
Our very first server was our RabbitCraft SMP and that is where all of our focus will be turned to. You can expect events, community and a brand new seed (completely uncharted).

Starting from spawn you will be able to build a small house and begin your adventure, eventually casting off to find you own claimable space in the world.

We start on the 5th of December 2021 and the season will end in June 2022. So lets get cracking and build some crazy stuff.

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