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InfinityBlock - By Remotebanjo4833 19/06/2021

Skyblock, a gamemode known by all Minecraft players. It’s quite simple, you spawn on 
an island with limited resources, and you need to survive off what you have. However 
here on RabbitCraft we have decided to modify this Skyblock a bit… We have added all 
the essential mods to make the game mode as fun as possible while keeping it 
straightforward. Earn currency, spend currency, upgrade your island!


Do you have what it takes to make your island the most complete, the most advanced 
and the most sophisticated on the server? With the addition of mods you may feel as if 
the simplicity of Skyblock is lost, however this is not true. Easy to use menus, an extremely 
good-looking hub and a fantastic variety of islands only adds to your Infinityblock 
experience. So, what are you waiting for?

Come along and build your island!

VineCraftBy Remotebanjo4833 10/06/2021

Welcome to VineCraft, a fun, beginner friendly and (most importantly) well protected SMP,
where you can hang out with a bunch of incredibly talented people and play Minecraft. 


On Vinecraft you are entitled to your own small plot which only you have the power to
control, ensuring you a safe playtime; however this doesn’t prevent you from socialising
with other players. You can open your plot to anyone of whom you trust just adding to the
experience. A variety of mods and plugins have been added equally to make the game as
fun as possible, these include plugins like "Accept the rules". This forces players to read
and accept the rules before being able to participate in any in game activity, adding an
extra layer of security.


There are also some more lively, fun mods such as the more mob heads which simply adds
more mob heads. It’s things like these that give Vinecraft a pleasant atmosphere and makes

it a great place to put your feet up and play this game that unites people!


Minecraft 1.17 Part 1 is live!
Check out this link for more information: