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RabbitCraft is a family of epic, diverse and incredible servers that come's from the original "RabbitCraft SMP" Community established in 2020.

We host and develop three insane public servers plus our home server RabbitCraft, the three others are:


A Mayan themed, modded SMP server. Where you can come, chill and build without any risk of trouble. Well, except for the usual SMP antics!


Infinity Block is our Skyblock server, with the latest and greatest plugins available. Who's island is going to have the biggest score? Will it be yours?


Factions | The Apocalypse - Have you ever wanted to build a huge faction, within a modern city scape, within a huge Zombie apocalypse? Well now is your chance! Be a loner, be a trader, hunt down other players and steal their items, destroy their base or build a huge faction of players and take a city. You decide.

We want to build on our community, release our "values and standards" to the world and create dynamic and awesome adventures everyone can feel safe and enjoy. Our store is filled with items everyone can use, you can buy them, buy a subscription package where you get a unique title or you can explore and find the items in-game.